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Team Rubicon - On the Move

A few announcements about Team Rubicon:

1.  Team Rubicon has won 1st place in the “Beyond the Welcome Home” Summit put on by Mobilize.org. William McNulty, Jake Wood and Clay Hunt presented their case which was then voted on by all participants and experts.  Check out the TR Blog for videos of the presentation and the judges comments.  CONGRATS!

2.  TR's After Action Review of the Haiti operation is online.  It's an excellent piece of work.

3.  They secured a somewhat well-known Irish paratrooper for their Advisory Board.

4.  Two of the members of "Team Rubicon - Mission Haiti" will be at the Fifth Annual MilBlog Conference.

There's a lot more as the team is on the move - you should sign up for their email newsletter or find them on Facebook and other social media.