Juicebox Mafia- Collateral Stupidity from Yglesias
General Sorenson Gets it

Support the troops, support the IRS?

It is a stuck on stupid tax day. E.J. Dionne of the WaPo.

Who are the men and women of the IRS? They are the people who collect the revenue that allows the government to finance our troops who are in harm's way, help our wounded warriors, pay Grandma's Medicare bills, cover the costs of keeping our food and drugs safe, and do so many of the other things the vast majority of us want our government to accomplish.

Yes, if you support our troops, you have to support the work of the Internal Revenue Service.

STFU EJ! I don't have to even believe the IRS should exist and I damn sure don't have to equate a bunch of bureaucrats with our troops. I hold no animus against the many decent IRS workers, but this is just stupid on steroids.