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Start Making Your Plans For October Now


That's right, it's time to start making plans because the milblogs will be back at Blog World this year.  There will once again be free memberships to attend the milblog track and exhibit hall, and we are -- of course -- working on more.  I can't say anything about the panels yet, but we are working on some very special, and very different, panels and speakers. 

This is our chance to reach out to new and different audiences, find out more about what is going on and what is coming in both tech and application.  Start thinking about being a part of this, as we want to blow the doors off attendance and more. 

If you are a company or organization that would like to reach the cream of social and new media, then drop me a line.  In 2009, BlogWorld attendees had a combined monthly audience of more than 180 MILLION readers, viewers and listeners.  We anticipate that this reach will grow to more than 250 million readers, viewers, and listeners this year.  That is not the only exposure you can get, either. 

Yes, it's a tease, but one thing I can tell you that will be different from last year is that this year we have an official host/MC for the milblog track.  Who it is, well, that will just have to wait for now.  In fact, you may have to come out there to find out...