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Spiritual Warfare Needed - Todd Nicely - Updated

Update April 13th, 2010:  On the Friday of the Fifth Annual Military Blog Conference, MaryAnn of Soldiers Angels Germany went and visited Todd and his amazing family and delivered a Valour-IT laptop.

I have been relaying messages from his unit back to him through MaryAnn and Kassie and now he'll be able to stay in contact with his Marines in Afghanistan.  He was concerned about his squad (as the leader).


Todd is out of the ICU (which is a miracle) and is checking his Caring Bridge Site. 

Please leave a message for him there.  He'll read it.  Keep up the prayers and support. 

We (Soldiers Angels and I) cannot thank you all enough for what you have done and continue to do.  You are making a difference.

Update:  You can get more information here (Facebook Fan/Cause Page) and here (Caring Bridge Page). 

We received an update that Todd asked for a beer yesterday and the docs gave him a sip or two.  The infection is still a threat so keep the prayers coming (heard that more than a few churches had talked about Todd yesterday).   Also, Solders Angels and the Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund are on the case.

You can send checks or transfers to:

Cpl Todd Nicely Benefit
US Bank
1900 Washington Crossing
Washington MO 63090

We are in contact with some Marines from Todd's unit and are letting them know how he's doing.  In a weird coincidence, I sent them cigars a few months ago (US Army Crests on them, too!). 

We also know that the ambushers won't be ambushing anyone ever again.

Keep the Spiritual Warfare going!


These are the kind of posts that I don't ever want to do even though it is our distinct honor to do them.


US Marine Todd Nicely was severed wounded in Afghanistan.  He is now in Bethesda.  Soldiers Angels and others are helping with the support.  His family is there, too.  Todd's lost limbs and been smashed up good.  Infection is trying to set in and he is fighting to keep an arm right now. 

So, on this holy weekend, please offer up your prayers for Todd Nicely who needs our support to fight infection and stabilize to begin his recovery and continue his successful life.

Our friend, David Bellavia, offers up a post without peer:

I only ask that you take one minute to pray for this young man.

If you are not religious or don’t believe in God…just think of him. Think of his parents. Think of his future.

I pray that Todd never has to live a day where he is not reminded of his greatness.  I pray that someone is there to hold him and thank him for his sacrifice, before Todd can thank them for their aid. I pray that Todd will have a job that pays him what he is worth to all of us.

And that he never has to question his worth in this world.

Todd Nicely is what makes America great. While his peers prepared to better themselves in college, he bettered his nation with his service. And that love for his nation led him into combat that has forever broken his body.

It is the responsibility for the survivors, for those he bled protecting, to make sure that his spirit never suffers the same fate.

I trust my voice won’t be the only one to mention Todd’s name tonight.