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I did my weekly stint on Frank Gaffney's show yesterday and we talked about the upcoming offensive in Kandahar and how the previous iteration in Marjah went and also the acquittals of the two SEALs and the last trial to come for Matthew McCabe.

Audio of the segment is here.

Here is a transcript of my opening rant from the last time I guest hosted the show. Man I need to get me some interns too.

I want to start off today with a step outside my normal lane. I tend to stick with the military, but I got some thoughts about Barak Obama and this administration’s foreign policy that are driving me crazy. And I figured if I’m going crazy, that you guys ought to as well.

I guess the feeling that I have is that President Obama and his foreign policy team have taken the approach that our allies are our enemies and our enemies are our allies. They’ve pretty much flipped everything that has happened since the second world war on its head and I’m concerned about the long term relationships we’ve had with some of our best friends. I am going to diagnose it as “perpetual grad student syndrome”. What I mean by that is, you all have probably seen the picture of President Obama back in Occidental College days where he’s got that ridiculous hat on and he’s smoking either a joint or a cigarette, I don’t know which. Seems to be shooting the breeze with his buddies, all the smart kids fixing the world’s problems. You know they’d stay up all night smoking and drinking and wake up the next morning with a wicked hangover trying to remember what their cunning plan for world peace was. And all of a sudden, the idea that they were going to take the skinheads bowling doesn’t really seem like the brightest thing in the world to have done and they can’t remember why things were so crystal clear the night before. And in the bright light of day they don’t have a clue. They don’t even know what color the clue bag is.

Since coming to office it has been shameful, and I believe, disgraceful the way we have treated some of our best friends. One of the first things he managed to do was start insulting the British. Now you want to talk about the one country, the special relationship. You can say whatever you want; we and the Brits have been side by side as bastions of freedom forever. Since we ended the transatlantic slave trade together. He starts off by, first of all, removing that horrendous bust of Winston Churchill, heaven forbid we have a reminder of what a great statesman and a powerful figure he was. And he does a visit with Gordon Brown and he gives him DVDs that won’t even play in England and not even paying attention to the fact that Brown’s eyesight is so bad he can’t even see him.

Step forward a couple of months. He goes ahead and gifts the Queen with an iPod. The Queen of England he gives an iPod to. And what? Does he fill it with her speeches? No. He fills it with his own speeches as of the Queen of England should really have ten cents worth of care as to what Obama has said. It goes on from there. There is any number of our best friends around the world that he has gone ahead and insulted.

You can look to the early deal he made to pull out of a missile defense and anti-ballistic missile treaty we had made with the Czechs and the Pols, who really took some stones on their part to stand up to mother Russia, which has revitalized and turned back into the bear that people have to worry about. President Bush had made a deal with them to install interceptor missiles in their countries. It was brave. It was bold. It was a move that allies and friends make to go ahead and make the Pols and Czechs agree to do that. And what does President Obama do? He pulls out. He stabs them right in the back saying he’s made this nice deal with Vladimir Putin and Medvedev. Come on now. Bush, one of the silliest things he ever said was when he looked into Putin’s eyes and he decided he could see the man’s soul. You look into Putin’s eyes and all you can see is the cold, gray soul of a KGB assassin.

Now the START deal may not be the worst thing in the world, but sure is not much of a hindrance to the Soviets. Excuse me. There’s a little slip for you back to the old days. Not that they’re not trying to revive them. But the Russians were not in a position to even maintain the missiles that Obama got them to agree not to maintain. I mean, touting that as some gigantic deal it’s about the second or third time the Russian bear has played our unicorn and rainbow president for a patsy.

And then you can go to another country where we’ve had historically very tight ties to that President Obama does not seem to think need to continue and that’s Israel. The way he has completely thrown the peace process off track is amazing to me. Granted that is one of the thorniest problems. It is one of the biggest issues that any president is going to face, but the idea that he is going to add a new precondition that no one has ever even contemplated, that somehow the Israelis are not going to be able to build in their own capital. And before the Palestinians even have to come to the table to talk they have to agree to something they’re never going to agree to. You could stand there and assume that for some reason he does not want that peace to happen. I don’t understand how he can think he can bully the Israelis and especially Benjamin Netanyahu. I mean come on, lets talk about someone who’s had a pretty serious life in comparison to our President’s. He was an Israeli soldier. His brother, Jonathan Netanyahu led the raid on Entebbe, one of the most impressive military operations ever conducted. He comes from a line of warriors and for our president to think he is going to joust with him and somehow be in a position to bully the Israelis into accepting something that is never going to happen. It’s stunning to me.

You can go to the other biggest, I’d say, conflict zone we have going on right now, Afghanistan, Pakistan. He just stopped by and blew through town and managed to aggravate President Karzai of Afghanistan enough that he is now threatening to join the Taliban. I don’t even know what to say. You have bullied a president and you’ve annoyed him. You started off by de-legitimizing him before the recent presidential election, tried to get him to step down, to not run, bullied him with his ambassador to Afghanistan/Pakistan, or special envoy because they’re not ambassadors, Richard Holbrooke. And Holbrooke aggravated and chaffed everybody in the Afghan government that they wouldn’t even let him come in the country for several months before the Afghan elections.

It’s stunning to me the amount of damage this man has done in such a short period of time to our foreign policy and to our diplomatic relations. I don’t want to say, other than, I hope he stops. It’s going to cause damage to these relationships in the long term. These are people we need. These are allies. You can’t make friends with Venezuela. You can’t count on Hugo Chavez with all of his groveling and bowing and scraping to the Iranians. What good is that done him? He couldn’t stand up to the voters there when they rebelled and went into the streets and were being slaughtered. But he can still send holiday greetings and presents to the mullahs and the Revolutionary guards.

It’s crazy. It’s disgraceful and all I can say Mr. President is knock it off. Remember who our friends are. It matters.