Restrepo - The Documentary
Attention Sky Six - Paratrooper Inbound

Military Roundup 26 Apr 2010

Photo of the Day: Marines unleash hell in Egypt

2 Illinois state representatives ask governor to deploy National Guard… in Chicago

Lawmaker threatening to cut funding from sub program if military doesn’t provide key document

Government says al Qaeda ordered subway attacks – One of the three alleged conspirators has already plead guilty.

E-2C pilot’s last act saved the lives of three crew mates

Military appeals court overturns Marine’s murder conviction

Air Force’s classified space plane starts orbital test

Korean War: Source says South Korea’s military intelligence concluded that North Korea was responsible for sinking patrol vessel

North Korea to sieze South Korean property at resort

Afghanistan: Taliban’s captured number two leader providing U.S. with useful intelligence

Iraq: Al Qaeda confirms leaders’ deaths in last week’s US-Iraqi operation

Iran: Iranians celebrate the 30th anniversary of Operation Eagle Claw – the failed attempt to rescue American hostages held by the Iranians. Eight U.S. servicemen died in the operation.

Iran has built a “Mosque of Thanks” at the site, and plans to build a museum to display the crashed aircraft’s wreckage.

Pentagon report states that Iran’s Quds Force has stepped up its presence in Venezuela

Walid Phares: “If we don’t stop Iran’s nuclear program and its weapons delivery systems before 2015, then, yes, the United States will be under direct threat from a Jihadist regime, which has declared that ‘a world without America is possible.’”

Republished with permission of the Victory Institute