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Military Roundup 19 Apr 2010

Photo of the Day: Photo of AF's mystery spacecraft to launch Wednesday

Syrian Missile Crisis: Israel now considers Hizballah part of the Syrian army and will respond to the terrorist group's missile attacks by attacking Syria. Syria has shipped long-range ballistic missiles and advanced anti-aircraft systems to the Lebanese terrorist group - in violation of two UN Security Council Resolutions. Hezbollah already possesses tens of thousands of missiles and rockets despite the presence of a 15,000-strong UN force there to supposedly enforce the UN resolutions.

Afghanistan: Taliban preparing for Kandahar battle

Congressman calls for hearing on military's restrictive rules of engagement

McChrystal says 'We have too many contractors' - Says jobs could be better done by soldiers, Afghans. There are more civilian contractors in Afghanistan than there are U.S. troops.

Pirates: USS Farragut stops another pirate attack - Boarded skiff after pirates attacked cargo ship with assault rifles and RPGs. From a Fifth Fleet announcement: "To prevent the suspected pirates from conducting any more attacks, the skiff was instructed to head back to the Somali coast."

US Admiral: 'Catch and release is not a very good option'

Admiral admits that guided missile submarine has been used in the Somali basin

Cheonan incident: South Korean president vows to respond "resolutely and unwaveringly" against those responsible

Military increasingly convinced of North Korean sub attack

Commentary: Dalia Mogahed: The Islamists' White House Pipeline by Steve Emerson