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Another Lioness - CPL Helen Ruhl Awarded BRonze Star for Valor

Interesting Question

Danger Room notices something interesting:

The airmen followed-up: “Would an airmen like me ever be ordered to fire on an Israeli – aircraft or personnel?”

Mullen’s second answer was much the same as his first.

The question is more interesting than the answer, which is only to be expected given that this is a policy level question.  What is noteworthy is the airman's phrasing of his concern.  There a lot of different reasons that such an order would be very difficult for our military, not least the fact that those in Iraq who might be called upon to carry out the order have been on the receiving end of Iranian rockets smuggled to militants in Iraq for years (as have I).  Iranian EFPs have also killed a number of Americans, fellow servicemembers of the airmen who might have to carry out such orders.

How difficult it must be to consider that you might be asked to carry out an order like this.  We've entered a strange world.