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In the Crosshairs- Me, Myself & I

So this has been kind of a tough week. I mean I put on my sweetness and light, milk of human kindness, helping hand hat and what happens, haters everywhere. I can't believe the mean things people are saying about me on the interwebz. I am a sensitive sort and trust me, it hurts. So I have looked deep in my soul and tried to see if there are any manifestations of this that I need to change. I feel my pain.

Incidentally, this post is a category I would call Frog Bait. I show my inner pussified loser, or his avatar and Froggy loses his mind and remembers why he hates me. Then he will email Matt late at night howling about the disgrace I bring to the Special Ops community and this hallowed blog in particular. You have no idea how much I enjoy that. I mean you can't blame him, he is a knuckle-dragging, marine troglodyte and I are a Special Forces Weapons God. It must chafe excruciatingly to take inventory of your skill set and note you can spin a ball on your nose and play "Twinkle twinkle little star" on a row of horns with your mouth. In order to make him feel a little better y'all could congratulate him on making E-8, which in the Navy is an acronym longer than we have room to print here.

Anyhow, on to my fashion disaster. (My sadness causes the release of several F-bombs)