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One Down

'Full Victory - Nothing Else'


Gen. Dwight Eisenhower gives the order of the day "Full Victory - Nothing Else" to paratroopers about to board planes for the invasion of Europe. In a matter of months, our military would achieve "Full Victory" over Nazi Germany, while simultaneously engaged with Imperial Japan in another theater.

Today, our leadership (political and military) refuses to even use the word "Victory." Well shit fire, if we can't use the word victory, why the hell are our troops fighting?

I figure if Eisenhower used today's logic instead and told troops something like "Degrade - or Die Trying," his words wouldn't have had the same inspiration. Either we would still be at war, or I would be writing this auf Deutsch.

Our troops are undoubtedly capable of defeating our enemies. They just need leadership (political and military) willing to identify the enemy, state what their intentions are, and then allow the military to defeat said enemy. Our troops are warfighters after all, not diplomats.

Eisenhower's order of the day should be the order of the day every damned day our troops are at war. "Full Victory - Nothing Else."