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Afghan Soldier Holds Record for Finding IEDS (before they blow up)

The 1st battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland are talking about a STALLION in the Afghan Army...

...Ajab Han, a sergeant in the ANA working with British troops from the 1st battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland at a patrol base in the Sangin valley, has found 177 IEDs during his three years in Helmand.

 "I know where they put them now," says Sergeant Ajab. "It helps to know the terrain. I can also think like the insurgents, stay one step ahead of them, and keep my soldiers, and ISAF soldiers safe."
Capt. Will Wright, the platoon commander from 1 Scots mentoring team, working alongside Sergeant Ajab and his soldiers said, "Patrolling with the ANA gives us such an advantage. They see things we sometimes don't, they are brave beyond words...