Military Roundup 19 Apr 2010
23 Forever

18 Million

Our eighteen millionth visitor came to us yesterday from our Farm Team.  Thanks, Jonn and the guys at This Ain't Hell

Stormbringer (another long tab and milblogger) sent us our 18,000,001 visit.

Please visit those fine blogs (number 17,999,999 came from MSNBC so you decide if you want to go there or not).

At this point, BlackFive has:
  • 9,663 Posts
  • ~28,000,000+ Page Views
  • 25,000+ Trackbacks
  • Our average guest spends over 1 minute and 37 seconds here (that's pretty damn good, btw).
  • ~8,000+ subscribers to our feed.

Just wanted to say thanks for being a part of our community.  BlackFive would be nothing without you all.