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Veterans Running for Office

Russ Vaughn, the Milblog Poet Laureate, posts up about veterans who are running for public office over at American Thinker.

...As a former non-commissioned officer, it is my observation that the system winnows out those with problems adhering to these comparatively strict codes of behavior and tends to reward and advance those who function best within them. Sure, there are self-serving bad eggs who manipulate the system for their personal benefit and aggrandizement, John Kerry and the late John Murtha come to mind, and more recently Eric Massa, but for the most part, successful military leaders tend to be men and women of honor who carry in their hearts a strong sense of service to the nation and a sworn oath to defend the Constitution...

Go check it out.

[We agree as we support Cleve Tidwell, Ilario Pantano, Nicholas "the cigar Marine" Popaditch, Sam "Francis Marion" Fidler, Allen West...]