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Update: 4 of the Fort Jackson 5 discharged

While calling for the government to end their policy forbidding the mention or consideration of Islam or jihad, I pointed out the incident at South Carolina's Fort Jackson, where 09L translators were being investigated for possibly poisoning the food supply. Not only was the credibility of my sources questioned, my integrity was also questioned merely for reporting an alleged incident.

Just because the perpetrator of a crime may be of a certain religion is no reason to dismiss threats.

Today W. Thomas Smith, Jr. writes at Family Security Matters:

The State newspaper and WIS TV, both based in Columbia, S.C., are reporting tonight that four of the Fort Jackson Five – the Muslim soldiers allegedly involved in a plot to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson, S.C. – have been removed from active duty.

According to The State, U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson – a member of the House Armed Services Committee – “disclosed for the first time that four of the Muslim soldiers had been ‘administratively separated’ from the Army, a military designation that means they were discharged with neither honorable nor dishonorable status.”

WIS TV adds, “for petty crimes.”

No mention of what the crimes were.

The fifth soldier has been removed from active service, but returned to his unit in the Virginia National Guard.
What are we not being told and why?