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The Anatomy of a Rescue

While this story is not exactly the way it happened, it's close enough to show you how many people (people you know like Mike Yon and Soldiers Angels Germany) worked together to save the life of one British soldier.

Revealed: How hundreds of military personnel, millions of pounds and an experimental 'lung' saved the life of a British soldier... shot by accident in his own camp

It involved hundreds of doctors, air and ground crews of several nations, travelling many thousands of miles, revolutionary and experimental medical equipment, several planes and helicopters and communications between three continents and cost millions of pounds.

For months, details of the massive operation to save one man’s life have been shrouded in secrecy. The injured soldier was not shot by the Taliban but was almost certainly wounded accidentally at his camp near Sangin in Helmand province in late July last year.

It is understood that Soldier X – he is not being identified at the request of his family – was not wearing body armour at the time. The Ministry of Defence has declined to offer any explanation.

The respected American journalist Michael Yon, himself a former US special forces soldier, reported on his blog that he heard the shot and saw a flurry of activity and a medical evacuation helicopter taking Soldier X away...

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Update:  As I had said upfront, that it isn't exactly the way it happened.  LMRC had already begun securing the Novalung before Soldiers Angels were involved.