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PC First Responders in Haiti

I had an article in the Washington Times over the weekend about the pitiful lowering of our flag in Haiti so as not to offend the Haitians. It would be one thing if we simply had not flown one (although still lame), but to take it down was sorry.

If the Haitian prime minister is unhappy with having the U.S. flag on his soil, we certainly can remove it. We can fold it nicely and place it in one of those giant containers full of food and medical supplies we brought, take one of the many pieces of construction equipment we brought, load it on one of the many planes and ships full of more of the same, and take them all back to the United States.

The prime minister should be so lucky as to have the United States occupy Haiti. Perhaps then his citizens could enjoy security and prosperity that he couldn't deliver even before the earthquake. Haiti consistently has been the worst place to live in the entire Western Hemisphere. But we are not there to occupy the country; we are simply doing what we always do. When the world dials 911, the phone is answered at the Pentagon. We may or may not be the world's policeman, but we certainly are its first responders.

Did you hear that health care was nationalized over the weekend? The press sure did and they are beside themselves in discussing the historical history of it. They forget that history is not always good, sometimes it is heinous