Obama team strikes a blow for our security & sovereignty
Carrots for Taliban, Sticks for U.S. troops

Obama the CIA agent?

There’s even a court case on this issue. The very few rogue agents in the Agency’s history have wound up in a world of hurt, so I sincerely doubt that a CIA turncoat would make it to president. Besides, I have a hard time imagining Obama – who probably doesn’t tuck his kids into bed without two teleprompters – running around with tough guys. While I have served on details for previous presidents, I haven’t done any for Obama. But I have talked with folks who have. I am told that Obama’s handshake was the most limp-wristed they had ever experienced, and his hands were far softer than any woman’s they ever met. The man has probably never worked a day in his life.

My assessment is that this case doesn’t pass the smell test. This event seems to be an attempt to answer valid questions about our president’s past that deserve answers. Perhaps if Obama didn’t block access to virtually all of his records, things like this case wouldn’t be necessary in the first place.