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Military Roundup

ACLU project endangers CIA interrogators: The CIA says that the ACLU-backed "John Adams Project" endangers CIA interrogators. The Washington Times states the Project "has photographed covert CIA interrogators and shown the pictures to some of the five senior al Qaeda terrorists held there in an effort to identify them further."

On 29 Mar, 20 photos of CIA interrogators were found in the cell of a detainee believed to be a financier of the 9/11 attacks.

Some CIA officials are said to be concerned over Justice Department officials who formerly represented Guantanamo inmates. Last month, Attorney General Eric Holder admitted nine DOJ appointees represented GTMO detainees or contributed to amicus briefs on their behalf, but would not provide further details. Holder also admitted, however, that he didn't survey the entire Department, just large offices. There could be many more former terrorist litigators in our "Justice" Department. Andrew McCarthy has more.

Photo of the Day: U.S. pilots flying Russian helicopters?

Cheonan incident: South Korea's president placed the military on alert, said the sinking could have been due to a North Korean mine. 46 crew members are still missing and it is unlikely any will be recovered.

START Treaty: Russia claims they will have upgraded 80% of their nuclear arsenal by 2015. Meanwhile, the U.S. is paying to dismantle their old weapons systems - allowing the Russians to spend on new weapons systems instead. The U.S. has not introduced a new system in 15 years. Advantage: Russia. Big time.

Afghanistan/Pakistan: U.S. forces set sights on Taliban bastion of Kandahar

Ralph Peters: Gen. McChrystal's "look out, here we come" warnings to the Taliban may be backfiring; terrorists turning on terrorists in AfPak; Obama's midnight ride to Afghanistan sends the wrong message.

The good news? We're not only killing terrorists in Pakistan -- they're starting to kill each other. The bad news? Afghanistan isn't a war. It's a politically correct experiment -- conducted with our troops -- by an administration with higher priorities.

Somalia: Pentagon considers sending surveillance (unarmed) drones, special operations units to Somalia in fight against al Qaeda-linked terrorists.

U.S. Navy E-2 aircraft crashes in Arabian Sea. Three of the four crew have been rescued, search underway for the fourth.