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The House of Representatives has voted to exempt TRICARE from the health reform bill. But if Obamacare is such a great thing, then why keep veterans out?

Haditha: Wuterich seeks to dismiss charges

Hillary Clinton tells audience that the U.S. will not "compromise on its commitment" to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. What exactly is our "commitment," and what will it do to prevent Iran from nuking up? She also stated that U.S. support for Israeli security is "rock solid, unwavering, enduring and forever." Talk about a "willing suspension of disbelief." Judging by our foreign policy, one would think that Israel is the genocidal country that also happens to be killing our troops in two theaters - not Iran, who we seem to be placating at every opportunity.

In case you missed it, the American Civil Liberties Union (more accurately - the American Communist Lawyers Union) has filed a lawsuit demanding the basis for conducting targeted killings with armed drones.