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Mc Iwo Jima- Lefty BS at Virginia HS

Every time you think the America-hating left can't burrow any deeper into their own excrement, they prove us wrong. Some left wing butthead teacher at Langley HS in Virginia has decided that this image is appropriate to learn the children about the military-fast food complex.

Mc_Iwo Apparently our troops are rampaging all over Gaia to serve our corporate masters. This is offensive on layers of layers, starting with the propagandizing to the kids level, and then the just, plain freakin' wrong tip, and straight into the better men than the neutered freak that this teacher is have died for something much more important than this.

I started out outrageously outraged by this, but I think I may pull a bit of counter-cultural, Alinsky-ite, narrative judo on the rat bastards. I see a sign, with this garbage on one side, and then the image below of the Marine cemetery on Iwo that Chuck Z pointed out on the other side.

Incidentally we were having a nice email outragefest when I decided to lighten it up with this.

UJ: I don't understand what is wrong with you people. You bitch and moan when they shut down the TGIF in Afghanistan, and then you bitch and moan when they open a McD's on Iwo Jima. WTF over?

Chuck Z: Mc Iwo: 0ver 18,000 Japanese got served.

And then Matty O: Maybe it was Burger King.  McD's doesn't flame broil...

Somebody alert Tom Hanks. And yes we will burn in Hell, but we will all be together.

Semper Fi to all the Marines who fought and died there.