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Green Zone- Same as it ever was

Well after putting out about a dozen US is evil war flicks, Hollywood slipped up and put out the Hurt Locker which was just silly. That appears to be their limit for not hating on the military and our country, because it is sure sounding like Green Zone is back to the proper narrative about the war crime approving mentality that we all know permeates our military. From Kyle Smith:

I can’t believe what I just saw, so I’ll think about it some more before I go into detail. But if I were the kind of excitable guy who believes in boycotts, I’d say “Boycott NBC-Universal” for its appalling new anti-American flick “Green Zone,” an absurdly awful would-be actioner that stars Matt Damon as a US warrant officer in 2003 Baghdad.

I would never have accused director Paul Greengrass, who made the astonishingly powerful “United 93,” of being simplistic. But he has made a $100 million war film in which American troops are the bad guys. There are moments that we’re supposed to cheer because our soldiers are getting shot down- but it’s okay because they’re evildoers at worst or stooges at best who are trying to kill the one guy in the country who can prevent an insurgency from taking root.

Of course I don't know what we should have expected since it stars Matt Damon.