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British Lieutenant Ian Fortune - Someone You Should Know

"Even with blood pouring into his eyes, he would not let go." - Chinook co-pilot

Here's a story via CNN about a pilot who was wounded during a dust off mission in Afghanistan and charlie miked the wounded back to Camp Bastion.

Weeks after a firefight in southern Afghanistan's Helmand Province, a story has emerged of a British pilot who was struck in the head by a bullet and still managed to safely land a helicopter full of casualties, medical personnel and troops.

British TV host Mike Brewer says he was onboard the Chinook that day as Flight Lt. Ian Fortune, 28, was shot in the helmet, just above his eyes.
He told CNN Saturday that he expected that flight that took off about three weeks ago to be a relatively routine trip to pick up wounded Afghan soldiers.

"Instead, the Chinook "landed in a firefight," Brewer said. "There was a battle going on. On the way in we could never have imagined it would become this kind of mission."...

There's a lot more here at CNN.  They circled trying to get to the wounded and dropped down into a firefight. 

And more here at the NY Post:  "The only reason we didn't plunge straight back into the desert was because of the sheer bravery and skill of Ian and the rest of the crew. They're all heroes."