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USS Franklin Reunion

Coming across the quarterdeck is this fantastic event:

The crew of the USS Franklin (CV-13) will hole their 2010 reunion from the 18th to the 21st of March in Branson, Missoura!

Specifically, at the Lodge of the Ozarks.

Special event:  Memorial service morning of 19 March.  This will be held on the 65th anniversary of the attack off the coast of Japan.

Registration closes 1 March, 2010.

Contact for Questions:
Sam Rhodes  772-334-0366 or
Beth Conard Rowland (daughter of crewman) 740-524-0024  (please leave message)

If you don't know the story of the USS Franklin, you need to.  Receiving 4 battle stars for her heroic efforts in the war in the south Pacific, taking the fight closer to the Japanese homeland (50 miles off the coast of Honshu) than any other carrier, suffering damage that even today boggles the mind, and after a quick touch-up in Pearl Harbor then sailing (under her own power) the 8,000 miles back to New York City for repair.


All that might not sound like much, but when you start to take a look at her casualties (724 killed and 265 wounded) and how much damage she received from the two Japanese armor-piercing bombs that detonated after penetrating her flight deck, you'll begin to understand what an incredible feat this was to simply save the ship much less sail her back to port.

One for the Iron Ships and Iron Men category.

Pass along, far and wide, please.