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Terrorist whale captured in Karachi

It looks like the Pakistanis have stepped up their efforts against the Taliban's increased presence in their cities.

Pakistan's top military intelligence service has captured the Afghan Taliban's deputy commander during a raid in the port city of Karachi.

The Inter-Services Intelligence agency, Pakistan's military intelligence service, accompanied by officers from the US Central Intelligence Agency arrested Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Afghan Taliban's second in command and the group's operational commander, several days ago, US officials told The New York Times.

Baradar has been a longtime leader in the Afghan Taliban and a close confidant of Mullah Mohammad Omar, the spiritual leader of the group. He is said to direct the Taliban's Shura Majlis, or top leadership council. Baradar directed the Taliban's day-to-day operations, and is in close contact with regional military commanders and the shadow governors. He also is said to control the Taliban's purse strings.

This is excellent news and we will hopefully gain valuable intel from him about his many rat bastard friends. From what has been released it seems that the Pakistanis are maintaining control of him and the interrogation process. This is better for everyone as they operate under considerably wider latitude than our own team. This is not to say that taking a blow torch to him is necessarily the right answer, but it is nice to know that they have that to hold over his head.

The hyperventilating left seems to assume that advocates of enhanced interrogation techniques would automatically go to them as the default methodology. That is ridiculous and a sign of the irrational moralizing those folks are prone to when discussing those who disagree with them. The most effective interrogation techniques employ good cop, bad cop techniques with a wide array of other inducements and punishments. Sometime a sweetness and light, milk of human kindness approach is the most effective, but when faced with really recalcitrant sons of bitches other methods may need to come into play. The bottom line is that intel is perishable and now is better than later.