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Serious work out garb

IMG_0379 I got a chance to test out some new high speed work out gear. KAOS Komfort sent me one of their shirts made of some magic fabric that I can't comprehend. It was timely as I have shed my former sloth-like lifestyle and actually started getting back in shape. I know you can all hear JD Johannes laughing his ass off right now. Regardless I have been sweating to ABBA and this shirt does the trick as far as making the sweat disappear. Again, no clue how that happens, but it does. All of their materials and the entire manufacture process is all made in the USA which is always a good thing.

They asked me and some other folks to try the gear as they want to get it into play in the military market. It makes sense to me as it is designed as part of a layered system for temperature and moisture control. Now while I have de-slothed it's not like I was gonna throw on an 80 lb ruck and cruise around DC looking like I was training for Delta selection. But I did fill my extra large camera back pack with about 40 lbs and wandered around the woods in Northern VA. The material is good and thick and useful to stop chafing from the straps, and y'all know that I hate to get my cones or anything else chafed.

All in all it does what it's supposed to and feels kinda cool on the skin. Good thing the timer on my camera went off I couldn't have kept my chest puffed up much longer.