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Juicebox Mafia TweetFight- The racism inherent in the system

There is a current kerfluffle going on over how many lawyers at the Justice Department previously worked trying to free all the innocent goat herders we have shackled in dank caves at Gitmo. It is a significant number and many of them hold important positions. Now advocates from the left and defenders of the foul craft of lawyering will find no problem with them moving from representing one interest to repping it’s polar opposite. Lawyers are noble creatures they say, able to look past their own feelings and worship only the truth that is law. Well BS to that. That may fly when you are talking about lawyers for grain companies moving to the Ag Dept. but this is our national security and I don’t think having a bunch of folks who are actively rooting for the other team is too smart.

Now Sen. Chuck Grassley (R, KKK) has been attempting to do his duty conducting oversight of a highly-politicized Justice Dept and for months has asked Mr. Holder for the names of the lawyers in our employ who were batting for the other team last season. Holder has been stonewalling and tap dancing. Grassley pointed out the names of two of the lawyers who we already know were working for the terrorists. One of them is of Indian descent and my main Attackerman, Spencer Ackerman, makes a quantum leap of dumbassery and deploys the race card against Grassley. All of the highly reasoned arguments he uses to fail epically in making his point as well as an entertaining TweetFight are arrayed for your delectation here.I added this to a new feature called Racist's Corner, because well I must be a racist too, right? I open up with a look at that intellectual powerhouse Maxine Waters.