DADT- Time for it to go
US Soldiers killed in Pakistan

Dead tangos to stack like cordwood

Getting back to something we can all groove about, Mr. Roggio has a report on a Predator swarm. I like the way that sounds.

A swarm of unmanned US aircraft pounded an al Qaeda camp today in the Taliban-controlled tribal agency of North Waziristan.

Five unmanned US strike aircraft, likely the Predators and Reapers, are reported to have fired 18 missiles at a camp and vehicles in the village of Datta Khel, a known al Qaeda and Taliban stronghold. This is the largest recorded US airstrike in Pakistan, indicating a top al Qaeda, Taliban, or Haqqani Network leader, or leaders, may have been present.

Seventeen terrorists are reported to have been killed in the missile attack. At this time, no senior al Qaeda or Taliban commanders have been reported killed.

Seventeen of the bastards all trying to collect their 72 goats at the same time. I need to get in the goat racket.