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Credit Where Credit is Due

I know that we frequently have some philosophical disputes with the Obama administration here.  Still, once in a while, it's a good idea to step back and point out the things they have gotten right.

For example, remember duing the campaign when then-Senator Obama put out this ad?

Fortunately, as President, he has not followed through on that concept.  He has, instead, proposed extra spending on nuclear weapons research and security.  Our strategic deterrent depends on ensuring that our stockpile remains useable, as well as secure.  This is one way in which the candidate's views have given way to the responsibility of the office.  As he takes some heat on this issue from his own side of the aisle, we ought to be able to recognize that he's doing the right thing and give him some support.

Also, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has had a good run lately in the area of strategic communications.  The Wall Street Journal explores how she stepped up to the plate to support Google in its recent dispute with the Chinese Communist Party, and used the opportunity to cast free access to the uncensored internet in terms of human freedom.  The Journal piece is insightful about how China thinks and operates, and makes for good reading.  The main thing for our purpose here, though, is that she saw an opportunity to strike a blow for our common values of freedom, and she did so. 

Sec. Clinton is one of the bright spots of the administration all the way around.  We've talked in the past about how her 'smart power' planning seemes to be pointing the right way for turning State into a more expeditionary force.  In this she's up against some entrenched forces within State, so it's another area where I think we might want to look out for ways to help her achieve her goals.  It will be good for the military if its diplomatic partner is better able to get out in the field, living and working in the places where we need to create effects.

There may be a lot to criticize about the administration, but sometimes they're on the right side of things.  When they are, we should let them know.