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CPAC's lack of foreign policy discussion

Except for a few minor instances, the CPAC event here in DC was notably lacking much talk about foreign policy and national security. Obviously the economy and health care and the rest are dominating much of the attention, but as Frank Gaffney points out that shouldn't be to the detriment of a focus on our security.

With a few notable exceptions - including powerful addresses by former U.N. Ambassador John R. Bolton and former Sen. Rick Santorum - the program was bereft of the focus one would think 10,000 people who cherish the memory of Ronald Reagan would have demanded, especially in the midst of a global war with two active combat fronts.

Incredibly, there was but one panel held in the plenary hall that had as its principal subject the question of national defense. Titled "What is a Conservative Foreign Policy?", it featured remarks by a junior (but promising) member of Congress, Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah; an old Reaganaut, Don Devine, who urged America to emulate President Reagan's abandoning of Lebanon and the use of force only in tiny Grenada; and Joanne Herring, the colorful Texas patriot/philanthropist best known for her persona played by Julia Roberts in "Charlie Wilson's War."

With all due respect to the participants, it is inconceivable that CPAC's organizers could not have arranged a more formidable program to address this and related topics. We are entitled to know why they did not do so. Watch this space for the answer.

Well to be fair, there was at least one panel that talked about foreign policy and how transnational organizations threaten US sovereignty and Frank spoke on that panel. Here is Warrior Legacy Institute's paper on how Universal Jurisdiction causes sovereignty issues for our counterterror efforts.