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A Quick Bleg for Cooking with the Wounded


Okay, kicking off fundraising for the year one day before the Haiti earthquake was not the best timing in the world.  The initial effort fell far short of what we had hoped for, even in these, frankly, hard times. 

Yet, some things continue to amaze me.  The person who won the autographed photo of Phyllis Diller has declined the prize, asking that it instead be auctioned instead to raise more money for the cause.  The person who earned the signed Christmas card from Ted Nugent has also declined to keep it.  Just a thought, but you might want to keep an eye out for some things happening in that regard in April/May, especially if a couple of celebrities step up as indicated.  We may just have a really good auction...


On Friday, I sent out the word via social media that we needed help.  At that time, the online effort had not earned enough to buy even a single ticket to Landstuhl, and the team from The Yellow Bowl Bakery is now scheduled to go in March.  On Sunday 21 March, one way or another, we WILL be cooking and having a dinner at the USO Warrior Center.  The feature will be desserts by Katy and Molly (seen above at the practice event at WR in November), and I will be doing some beanies-are-for-weenies chili and fixings as a lead in. 

All good, but we need to buy tickets this week to get a decent price. 

On Friday, I challenged all the members of the CwtW cause and group on Facebook that if each could find a way to donate $5, we could easily afford a ticket (there being a fair bit of crossover), and if all gave $10 we had two and a bit more. 

I know we ask you for a lot here.  You've heard before that we rarely ask you to give to something that we ourselves haven't given to.  I won't go into the time and money I'm putting into this, or that I even bought a new printer just to better handle some of the graphics and color for our materials.  Oops, sorta did, oh well. Well, another plug is that you can now follow CwtW on Twitter (and find links to chefs and foodies). 

If you can, please help us out.  Go to this site and use the link there for donating (and if there is a field for comments be sure to add that it is for #CwtW!).  $5 is a good start, and very much appreciated for I know all too well what that means to many of us these days.  Times are tough, jobs rocky, and salary/benefits cutbacks are likely.  So, anything you are willing to do is appreciated.

Thanks for putting up with my semi-constant badgering on this. Know that I'm badgering companies and businesses, local and national, even more than I am you. Fact is, it's going to take grants and some serious sponsorships to do what Katy and I want to do with this.  I also want to thank Patti for allowing us to try some new and different things in our marketing plan, and if you have a company I've got some sponsorship info you want to see for the short- and long-term ROI...