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Wire service bias

I know, I know what a shocking piece of breaking news that is. Even so, this just seemed like such BS I thought I'd highlight it. On Yahoo's Top Stories page they have an AP story on a Ft. Hood Brigade being deployed to Afghanistan, and right next to it seemingly illustrating it is a picturing of a crying woman. The implication obviously is that this deployment caused her tears.


There is no caption with the photo and so we are left to feel sorry for this poor woman whose husband is probably on his 10th deployment and leaves her and their dozen kids home to forage for scraps to stay alive. But if you click through the picture the actual context for the photo is another thing entirely.

Sue Hines of Newburyport, Mass., emotionally wipes her eye after it was announced that a prototype robot would be deployed at Logan Airport in Boston, Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010. The robot, which will be used in detecting and removing improvised explosives at the airport, was dedicated to her son U.S. Army Ranger Derek Hines, who was killed in action during 2005 in Afghanistan.

Not Ft. Hood, not a deployment. We can share her grief at her son's death and honor the service of a brave Ranger, but she is crying as they dedicate a new tool in the war on terror to her son. To the AP she is just a tool to use against the war in Afghanistan, regardless of the complete disconnect between the two. I assume the AP editor searched their database for crying and Afghanistan and this was close enough for their purposes. Godspeed to your son Mrs. Hines.