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Rubicon Rescue - Mission Haiti - Part 8

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Haiti 12 IMG00082-20100118-1242[1]

Team Rubicon has been at the Manresa refugee camp since 0930. There are over 900 persons seeking medical attention. Many are going to die if they can't get to hospitals. IF YOU ARE A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, YOU ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED IN PORT AU PRINCE.

"I'm used to seeing fresh wounds, not old wounds. I'm used to having enough equipment for my team. I'm pissed off at myself for only having, for instance, one pair of scissors. I'm pissed off at myself for not packing for a team", says former SF Medic Mark Hayward, who arrived in Haiti with his own equipment and the will to help.

We need help. These people need medical help. We are at the Manresa refugee camp. People dying from wounds they shouldn't. Need more supplies and medical teams. Large lacerations down to bone, several avulsions, crushing tibfib breaks, femur breaks, additional compound breaks.

"Simple lacerations are leading to infection and disease" says Milwaukee Firefighter Jeff Lang.

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Update: More photos from McNulty:

Haiti 14 IMG00086-20100118-1339[1] 

This girl has severe soft tissue injury of the distal foot and toes, with partial amputation and exposed bone that is devitalized. Requires amputation and debridement of toes and foot. Dr David Griswell, Team Rubicon, Refugee camp Manresa

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Manresa refugee camp. Team Rubicon are first responders, six days after earthquake