Cooking with the Wounded Update
Rubicon Rescue - Mission Haiti

Roundtables: Haiti Operations

There have been a number of roundtables over the last few days to inform us of Haiti-related operations.  What is being done is amazing, especially when you consider that it is an open-ended commitment to a bottomless need at a time when our military is already handling deployments and logistics for two wars on the other side of the world.

A great deal of specific information about these operations is available in the transcripts of these roundtables. 

COL Bradley G. Butz, Vice Commander, 480th ISR Wing.  He discussed imagery and technology being used to assist in relief efforts.

COL Steve Shea and COL Sid Banks, Air Force Office of Logistics Readiness.  Big picture on logistics and humanitarian aid.  (Audio only)

COL Mark Mavity, Chief of Medical Readiness for the USAF Surgeon General, on the USAF's deployable medical capabilities.  These are fairly impressive in terms of being lightweight and easy to move; but they require substantial support from partner units to provide them with base ops, force protection, etc. 

LTC Brett J. Nelson (Commander, 23rd Special Tactics Squadron, 720th Special Tactics Group) and MAJ Jason Daniels, a USAF combat controller, on trying to open airfields in Haiti.  The poorly-built tower at the only airstrip in Haiti collapsed during the earthquake.

CPT Clark Carpenter, PAO, 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit.  The 22nd is deploying to Haiti to participate in relief operations.