Cooking with the Wounded Fundraiser Has Begun!
Dude gives advice on GI Bill etc.

Rangerpalooza 2

The fellas at Ranger Up are at it again and you can benefit. They have launched Rangerpalooza 2 and you can win free stuff.

Rangerpalooza is our effort to give back to you guys. Visit any of our three online locations -, and RU on Facebook - to participate. We’ll randomly select TWO WINNERS from each of the three locations, plus a BONUS winner from Facebook.

There are instructions at the link up top as to how to play and I think rather than just kissing theri butts and telling them how great their shirts are, you should maybe fling them some abuse. I mean they say the winners are chosen randomly, so wouldn't it be more entertaining if they have to announce winning posts that say what a wanker Nick is. I think so.