Ranger Up Request - Mission Haiti
The Pentagon's War on Reason

Poseur Alert- Do you know this wanker?

UPDATE: Got Him. I pulled the post before because we were trying to get him on our fake radio show Blue Falcon radio, no luck. For the wicked beatdown, head to This ain't Hell. It's pretty awful.

The guy in the picture below is wearing a one star General's mess dress uniform w/ so many medals and badges it is hard to know where to start. Either he is the youngest one star John Wayne/Audie Murphy combo, who decided to set a new trend by sporting a soul patch, or he is a punk ass poseur. He was at the Election party for the new Houston Mayor this December. If you know anyone in that area please send them a link or the pic and let's find this chump and show him what we think about stealing valor. The reward is good karma. More pics here.

Wanted Stolen Valor