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Pelosi's 'Air Force Scandal'

Democrats living large on the taxpayers' expense? Surely not.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has racked up an amazing $2.1 million travel tab during the last two years according to government documents obtained by Judicial Watch through a FOIA request. The Air Force Gulfstream V she rides costs almost $6,000 per hour (an average cost per flight of over $28,000). But that's nothing when you consider the $22,000 per hour price tag of the Boeing 757 that she requested for ferrying her between her district and Washington.

Interestingly enough, over $100,000 of which was for alcohol and food. What is she eating, unicorn steaks?

Now I understand that for national security reasons, Pelosi shouldn't travel commercial. But a non-stop flight from D.C. to San Francisco (first class) costs around $800. In fact, it would take Pelosi 35 first-class commercial flights to equal the cost of one trip on the Gulfstream. She may be second-in-line to replace POTUS, but she isn't Queen.

If the Air Force is willing to take suggestions, I say that they should palletize her and her entourage and put them on Space Available transportation.

Looking forward to the '60 Minutes' expose on this. Holding my breath even.

[Originally posted at Unto the Breach]