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Has the Obama admin removed Hamas from terrorist blacklist?

Update: The Treasury Dept. has in fact not removed Hamas members from their terrorist blacklist, but the counterterrorism measure is largely ineffective as you can read in this update.

Obama has been supportive of the Palestinian Islamic terrorist group from way back. Candidate Obama told the New York Times last year that Hamas (and Hezbollah) had "legitimate claims." And in April, he pledged $900 million to Gaza, but assured us that somehow it would not make it to Hamas.

Why, because he said so?

Since Hamas runs Gaza, how on earth can we believe that most if not all of the money won't go directly to Hamas? The Creeping Sharia blog has an excellent post documenting the administration's efforts to ram the funding through, which really needs to be read in full.

Well, now his administration appears to have figured out a way to get money to them: simply take the terrorists off the international terrorist list.

Brilliant! But why would they do that? Hamas clearly hasn't reneged on their plans to eliminate Israel, and they have made no moves in that direction either.

Imagine the outcry if our tax dollars funded a radical Christian group that was elected in order to wipe out Muslims. That plan would last about three seconds, and so would the asinine administration that made it happen. So why is it no big deal for Obama to send nearly a billion of our hard-earned dollars to Islamic terrorists who desire nothing more than the annihilation of Jews in Israel (and they have no plans of stopping there).

Nazi Germany tried that as well, and we destroyed them, not funded them. Is Islamic supremacy somehow better than Aryan supremacy?