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Kinetic Strategic Communications

MountainRunner posted a question not long ago:  "What is Strategic Communications?"  I responded to his challenge, and here is part of the answer:

Strategic Communication is the overarching discipline that encompasses public affairs, information operations (IO), and psychological operations (PSYOP). It is any form of communication that is designed to create a strategic effect, which shapes "the battlespace" (as the military calls it) in some way we desire....

Strategic communications can include kinetic "communication" as well -- my favorite example being the time we invited a number of tribal leaders in Iraq to tour a captured Al Qaeda torture house, and then witness its demolition over a picnic lunch. The demolition was carried out with four JDAMs, time on target, creating what I imagine was a strong strategic effect in the minds of the attendees.

Back when the US Information Agency was broken up, its functions were given to two groups:  the State Department, which was tasked with its public diplomacy functions, and the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which was tasked with its broadcasting efforts, like Voice of America.

So what do I see today


"Mr. Meehan, however, also happens to be a recent Obama appointee. On November 19, President Obama nominated Mr. Meehan to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors."

Outstanding.  The downside is that we'll have trouble looking good on Freedom of the Press in comparison to, say, China.  The clear upside is that the man is a demonstrated expert in the field of kinetic strategic communications. 

Perhaps he could be retasked to Afghanistan, where such communication might be more appropriate.