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Juicebox Mafia- Attackerman dead on about NCTC lameness

I do slag on the Juiceboxers when they ask for it, but I also will back them up when they hit the target. Today the Attackerman has a good piece up at his day job about the black hole of intelligence and operations that is the National CounterTerrorism Center, the whole thing is worth reading. Like any bureaucratic Franken-Agency it is a soup sandwich and failing to do anything close to what it ought.

It boils down to a difference in mentality, Operations v. Admin. NCTC is a bureaucracy so it is focused on admin, JSOC is a collection of pipehitters so it is focused on operations.This problem exists across almost all of the agencies that ought to be fighting terror. They end up simply writing reports about it. That is the wrong answer and we need to fix it.