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Dead Tango in Iraq

Mr. Roggio has a bit of excellent news about an al Qaeda wanker we just took out in Iraq.

Iraqi and US forces dealt al Qaeda in Iraq a major blow last week during a raid in Mosul that killed the terror group's top facilitator, who was based out of Syria.

The joint US and Iraqi special operations team killed Abu Khalaf, al Qaeda in Iraq's seniormost foreign fighter facilitator, during an operation on Jan. 22. Khalaf was killed after he "attacked a security-team member participating in a warranted operation," a US Forces- Iraq press release stated.

The US military said Khalaf's identity was confirmed using "multiple sources, including fingerprint matches."...

"Khalaf was responsible for coordinating recent suicide attacks in Baghdad and Anbar," the official said. There have been five mass-casualty suicide attacks in Baghdad since August 2009, including two attacks this week, as well as several suicide attacks in Ramadi.

This is exceptionally good as the recent attacks in Baghdad have been very disconcerting as the Iraqis head toward a very important election.