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Bellavia brings the crazy funny

My good friend David Bellavia's blog is rapidly turning into serious competition for the Onion. I have been exposed to his wicked hilarity for a long while now, but he has brought it out into public for all to see and I strongly recommend you wallow in it. He and I created one of the most amazing pieces of talk radio ever w/ the Blue Falcon Radio segment. He has several contributors from his shady past as a Theater major and assassinator of Stephen Sondheim's play "Assassins". One of these contributors is a vegan and David has asked him to conduct email exchanges with some of the knuckledragger community. I am first in the rack and it's quite a bit of fun. I have suggested Chuck Z as the next to play, that could be epic. Anyhow, go check it out.

Interview with a Vegan- Uncle Jimbo