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Are you an Off Duty Gamer?

Got this message from a good friend starting a new project. is a portal that focuses on video game reviews, news and technical assistance that's by military and for military (ie. no 12 year old experts commenting on the games realism): 

ALLCON: The concept is pretty simple and goes like this. A lot of games in the console and PC market are either directly or indirectly military related yet the primary people who would know this genre best are the least polled or heard from.

In a time when gaming has gotten very realistic it is time for those of us who know the material to have a place to go and be among our own community. The site will cover things such as:

- Game reviews (normal areas like graphics, performance story) but also adds tactical ability, weapon realism, historical accuracy, military-life realism etc.

- Articles on tactics that might be able to be employed in games, CQC techniques, Room clearing, playing WITH other players (no man is an army of 1!)

- Forums that are FOR veterans and active military, policed by veterans

- Giveaways that not only appeal to military gamers but also act as a small THANK YOU for your service

- Support for OUR community like working to get items to Wounded Warriors as they recover or sending items to the deployed troops to let them enjoy R&R a little better

- Provide future military technical advisers and beta testing to game companies as they build the next generation military games in order to provide guidance and feedback

I'm putting this all together and a small team is emerging but I DEFINITELY could use more interested volunteers so if you're a military gamer, contact me at [email protected]

Off Duty Gamers is in pre-launch phase now.  You can check it out here (Facebook and Twitter links on the home page).