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Tora Bora- Revenge of the pundits

One of the favorite tropes of the hater left and the smarty pants crowd is how W and Rummy screwed the pooch and failed to capture bin Laden when he was sitting ripe for the taking in the easily accessible Tora Bora resort. I have been knocking this argument down for more than 5 years now with this being the most recent and succint version when F John Kerry poked his bone head into play.

1. We invade A-Stan with small number of Spec Ops guys and partner w. Northern Alliance and in amazingly successful operation kick Taliban and al Qaeda asses.

2. Many of them die, some run to Paktia province, some (incl. bin Laden) run toward Pakistan and stop in highly-fortified Tora Bora.

3. We do the math and since Tora Bora is way the hell up high in the mountains figger out we would have a wicked time resupplying any troops we managed to get up there w/ our limited helicopter support (operating at or above their ceiling) and also they would be ambush bait for bad guys who are real good at that.

4. So we decide to try the same thing that worked to kick their asses already. We partnered with local tribes to provide the manpower while we sent Spec Ops support and massive air power.

5. We push up there and even the Spec Ops guys have a helluva time because of the terrain. The local tribes more or less screw us and take the money but don't fight much.

6. We still kills hundreds of Taliban and AQ but bin Laden slips off to become a ghost.

7. A talking point for the ignorant left, their enablers and military geniuses like F John Kerry is born.

8. Rinse and repeat whenever the left needs a club to try and lose a war.

Next freakin' slide.

Former CNN Pentagon correspondent and current blogger Jamie McIntyre shows his good judgment in joining me noting this conventional wisdom ain't so established or wise. I almost joined in another beatdown when as he notes the once moistened and now simply arid bint Maureen Dowd saw fit to flap her collagen infiltrated lips.