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Spirit of America helps the cause in Afghanistan

I've spent some time recently with Jim Hake Founder of Spirit of America, a group that has made tangible and greatly appreciated contributions to our efforts in Iraq & Afghanistan. They take the novel approach of asking the troops and commanders in the field, what they could get them that would help their mission. Then they get it for them. It has proven invaluable time and time again. Now they have published a book that details 101 ways to help the cause in Afghanistan. Our own Marcus Luttrell Warrior Legacy Ranch is included.  Great programs detailed in the book and obviously buying it helps them help our folks on the front lines.

Greetings Friends & Supporters,

We just published a book that is now available for sale on Amazon: 101 Ways to Help the Cause in Afghanistan. Dan Henninger of The Wall Street Journal says, "The American people can play an extraordinary role in achieving a positive outcome in Afghanistan. Help the Cause shows how we can do it." See what Senator John McCain, Marcus Luttrell and others say below.

Help the Cause describes 101 ways to help the Afghan people and to increase the safety, well-being and success of our troops. It features the work of 65 organizations, including Spirit of America. All proceeds go to the organizations/projects featured in the book.

The book is $19.95. Please consider buying a copy for yourself and your friends. You can order at 1-800-431-1579 (fastest delivery) or at Amazon (delivery should be quicker than Amazon estimates).