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Review of "Pursuit of Honor" by Vince Flynn

Elise Cooper for BLACKFIVE

“Pursuit of Honor” is Vince Flynn’s latest novel.  Once again he does not disappoint his fans.  If you have never read Vince Flynn and are upset about the current political situation regarding homeland and national security this book is highly recommended. 

All of his books deal with the issue of terrorism and the methods needed to keep America safe.  If you are looking for political correctness this is not the book to read.  Mr. Flynn intertwines his fictional plots with real life political situations that are happening in today’s world. 

This book picks up where the last book, “Extreme Measures” leaves off.  Both books explore the current debate as to how far the CIA should go in order to extract actionable intelligence that will thwart terrorist plots.  The main characters of the story, CIA operatives Mitch Rapp, Michael Nash and CIA Director Irene Kennedy are pitted against the bleeding heart liberal Senators who want to dismantle the CIA.

The book is a fast paced page turner where you will need the time to read because you won’t want to put it down.  This novel has many sub-plots.  The story lines include the pursuit of the terrorists who escaped after attacking various venues in Washington D.C., the capture and interrogation of a CIA mole who tried to give away classified information to the anti-CIA Senators, and the different lives of CIA operatives and what they must sacrifice to serve their country.

His characters are realistic and come to life in this novel.  The reader tries to picture which Senator best fits the description of those in the book.   If you agree with the premise of the book, this quote sums up the feelings of the CIA operatives.  Mitch Rapp, the ultimate CIA operative who is the hero we all want to look up to stated that “I do it because narcissistic people like you care more about your own ego and making a buck than our national security.  What really pisses me off, though, is that you’re the same assholes who when the next 9/11 happens, will all sit around pointing your fingers at guys like me and saying I didn’t do enough to protect the country.”

In an interview Mr. Flynn told that he was writing a prequel for his next book.  Readers will understand more of how his main characters Mitch Rapp and Irene Kennedy joined together to form a team that combated terrorism.  He also stated that he will continue to be an advocate for the CIA and point out their heroism and the hypocrisy and disconnect with what they are trying to do, keep Americans safe, and politicians who have their own agenda.

His book is both informative and insightful with regard to the political and tactical ways we are fighting the war on terror.   The characters are either very likeable (the heroes) or very dislikable (the terrorists.)  In suspenseful fashion, it is set against the changing political landscapes in America. You can look back on the recent developments and see how this compares with the conflicts described in the book, the continuing fight against terrorism and the CIA battle against those opposing them in the government.