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Knight Center Foreign Policy seminar part I

Rally against civilian trial for KSM

Grim and I finished up our journalism gig and took the train up to NYC for a rally protesting Attorney General Holder's decision to try KSM and 4 others in Federal Court in NYC rather than in tribunals at Gitmo. I was supposed to speak but it was running long and I got bumped. Considering the craptastic weather, cold, windy rain, it was an excellent turn out and show. I figure there were 750, maybe 1,000 people who spent two hours in miserable weather to point out how awful Holder's decision is. The hope is to get President Obama to over rule him and do the right thing. You can read a full report with many pics and videos here from the organizers. Here are some shots Grim took, along with a couple of quotes from participants. This is worth fighting for and I will be letting Congress hear my displeasure.

I talked with two union members.  The first was a member of AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees).  He had not come by to see the rally, but was only passing by on the way to work.  He asked what the rally was about, and when told, responded:  "Yeah, that's right.  If you try them like this, it makes 9/11 seem like it was less than it was."
The other was a Steamfitters Union member, and told me he had been for 45 years.  "I don't like where our country is going," he said.  "My union can support this, but I don't."