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Military Times Covers CJ Grisham


The Military Times group has profiled, in all four service editions, CJ Grisham and the hell he and his family are going through.  Bouhammer has the story and you really need to go read it.  You can also find a bit more at This Ain't Hell, and Blackfive put out a call for support here

Again, you really need to go read the entire story.

Now, pray that there is not yet more retaliation against him for defending himself.  Given all that has gone on, I have no faith or confidence that he will not face official, or more likely unofficial and potentially illegal, retribution for standing up for himself. 

Frankly, I still hope that Congress or others might like to look into all that has happened, from the initial IG investigation and ruling on same, and have already suggested same to some members of Congress.  Yes, I really do think it has reached such a point as what has happened smells to high heaven, from the school system on to command functions.  When you reach a point where terms like conspiracy, fraud, and unlawful influence rise, when someone makes a claim of having  "...first hand how they rape and toture their male captives..." then someone from outside needs to investigate and deal with the situation. 

If you can, go make a donation.  CJ needs the help, and it is past time to call in the world.  Consider the call given.