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Iranian open hand holds nuke trigger

As if any reasonable person needed more proof that the Iranians are dead set on building a bomb, more appears. I imagine el Baradei is asking Hans Blix for advice on a strongly worded memo of unhappiness.

Confidential intelligence documents obtained by The Times show that Iran is working on testing a key final component of a nuclear bomb.

The notes, from Iran’s most sensitive military nuclear project, describe a four-year plan to test a neutron initiator, the component of a nuclear bomb that triggers an explosion. Foreign intelligence agencies date them to early 2007, four years after Iran was thought to have suspended its weapons programme....

“Although Iran might claim that this work is for civil purposes, there is no civil application,” said David Albright, a physicist and president of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, which has analysed hundreds of pages of documents related to the Iranian programme. “This is a very strong indicator of weapons work.”

David Albright was one of the folks we talked with at the journalism seminar Grim and I attended. He said the Iranians were no more than a year from being able to detonate a bomb. As I recall making the trigger was one of the hurdles they had to clear. It looks like they have been at that for a while.Now it is simply the relatively simple matter of refining the uranium they already have to a higher purity, something well within the capabilities of the centrifuges they already have.

Tick, tick tick. The closer the clock gets to midnight, the more likely the Israelis will decide they need to "mow the grass".