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12/25 We Got Lucky

If you haven't been following current events, a would-be suicide bomber almost made 12/25 a date on par with 9/11.  Bad planning and individuals responded to prevent a cowardly and horrific mass murder. 

If you really want to learn more about Yemen, which plays a huge role in this attempt, you need to be reading Armies of Liberation.  Jane lays out a lot of good information, information that the Yemen government and to some extent the current administration here would prefer you not to read.  The sheer idiocy of releasing any prisoners from Gitmo to Yemen becomes clear from just skimming Jane's information and analysis.  The idiocy of bringing them here to the US is amply demonstrated elsewhere.  

Our own government has responded quickly with new restrictions on passengers that do nothing to improve security (like most of what is done by TSA), only cause inconvenience to show that something is being done.  TSA and the procedures used are largely a joke, and this is just more of the same.  We need realistic and proven effective methods to truly increase safety while maintaining liberty.  It can be done (just look at El Al), we just choose not to do it because it is not PC.  Screw PC.  Screw the PC victim mentality and those that take full advantage of it (looking at you CAIR, among others).  Get real security, real data sharing, and make the tough decisions, or admit it's a joke. 

It has been said elsewhere this weekend, probably better, but on 9/11 individuals rose up on Flight 93 and kept the day from being much worse.  We were saved from outdated and ineffective security by those individuals who decided to fight and die to keep others safe.  On Christmas, one individual, Jasper Schuringa in particular rose up and acted.  He, and those that helped him, saved us from the ineffective PC-riddled crap that is our current security.  The lack of data sharing and the fear of facing the reality of the red flags -- just as with the coward Hassan at Ft. Hood -- almost resulted in the first publicly acknowledged successful mass attack in the US since 9/11. 

We need a massive overhaul of what is being passed off as security.  Until that day, we all remain at very high risk, for the enemy will keep trying.  Even if we do get effective change, keep one thing in mind:

Each citizen, each individual, is truly the last line of defense.  

If Armies of Liberation is not a daily or near-daily read, it should be.  Go check it out. 

And Thank You Jasper Schuringa!


UPDATE: Over at This Ain't Hell there is a good read here, here, and here.  And, you can add me to the chorus saying that Janet "Baghdad Bob" Napolitano needs to go (along with some others).  If the system truly is counting on the terrorists to not set the detonator properly and to have a foreign national take said terrorist down before anything else could be done, then it worked and may God truly help us.