For Our Allies and Family - Rememberance Day On November 11th
Happy birthday USMC

Really General Casey?


Start with a horrific act of murder -- and that is what happened, murder -- and a lot of confusion.  Rule to remember is that the initial reports are always wrong, especially when dealing with national mainstream media.  The locals did better, but they too were dealing with the fog. 

Mix in a typical dose of immediate denial of terrorism by the Federal Government, well before any basic facts are known.  Typical, and has been the playbook since 9/12 (and one that needs to be dropped).

Add to it a mainstream media determined to push PTSD, and when that couldn't be done they come up with PTSD by proxy.  Yes, such a thing can exist, but it is rare and not terribly well documented at that from what I can find.  Yet, you wouldn't know that from most coverage. 

Add in yet more from the mainstream media pushing the pistol used as a "cop killer" despite the fact there appear to be no documented cases of an officer even being wounded with one, much less killed.  The officers at Ft. Hood appear to be the first ever shot -- thankfully, they did not prove the lie by dying. 

Then we have a Commander-in-Chief who gives an address to the nation, and is so tone deaf and more such that he places the tragedy at the last.  This is a bit of politics, as it allowed the President to showcase what he saw as the more important item first, and ensured that the networks would not cut away from same.  That this also increased airtime/facetime is just a bonus from the White House point-of-view.  A President who did not go to Dover with no photo ops (word is all families declined coverage), and has yet to go to Ft. Hood, and also couldn't be bothered to attend the celebrations of the fall of the wall that every other major and minor world leader is attending. 

Continue the celebrity-like coverage of the traitor and giving far less coverage to the victims.  The people who helped others.  The ones who ran to the sound of guns instead of away.  The ones who died and the ones who lived get a mere fraction of the rationalizing, apologizing, and excusive (well, it ought to be a word) coverage given a sorry sack.  Watch the so-called experts twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid the obvious, even to the point of saying there is no clear evidence -- despite eye witness accounts -- that the killer said anything, much less Allahu Akbar. 

Blow in a raft of warnings against backlash against Muslims from the President on down.  Yep, I remember the horrific backlash in the days right after 9-11, when the Amish death wagons rolled into Muslim neighborhoods and what happened to those poor souls taken into the Presbyterian churches...  Oh, wait, that's right, very little happened in those days.  This reaction of our so-called elite says far more about them and what they might do than it does about the population at large... 

Now add the final ingredient:  A General of the Army who says that losing diversity would be a greater loss than 13 dead and 29 wounded. 

And you wonder why no one was willing to step forward and make a formal complaint or notice about a killer who was very open about who and what he was?  You wonder why no one pushed the obvious investigations, from the FBI on? 

I had more, but right now, just am not sure it is worth it.  No leader, civilian or military, is going to own up to their responsibility and all have just shown how much they truly think of those who serve in our military.  Disgusted doesn't begin to cover my feelings, and I truly fear what is to come, for if we are not willing to deal fairly and evenly with all, then we have already lost all.  Failure to face facts and deal realistically means more and true horrors to come. 

For the terminally stupid out there, I am NOT advocating discrimination.  On the contrary, I am pointing out the reverse discrimination -- and rampant PC idiocy -- that allowed this horrific event to take place.  Or, do you think that if this had been someone with Savage or Beck book to their name that our great and mighty media would not be shouting about the right wing terrorist as loudly as they could?